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Smallpox of turkey is a viral, slowly extending disease. It pathogenetically proceeds in a dermatotropic way, skin lesions are characterized primarily by two signs or focal necrotic focus centers or diphtheritic inflammation of mucous membranes, often of the upper respiratory tract. Etiological factor in smallpox are dermatotropic epitheliogenic viruses, the family of Avipoxvirus of Poxviridae. The purpose of this work was studying the features of clinic and the pathomorphological changes at smallpox at turkeys in the context of diagnostics methods and also generalization of treatment-and-prophylactic actions at this pathology. The diseased bird is the main source of infection. In addition, the smallpox virus particles can be spread by people providing care for the birds, indoor air, food, bedding material, excrement. Diagnosis of smallpox takes into account the symptoms; if an autopsy was performed, the result of a pathological pattern as well. Additionally, we can conduct a research of histological sections. Confirmation of diagnosis can be performed by a virological study and the blood serum. In accordance with the pathogenesis of smallpox, there is a classic skin form and diphtheritic. There may be a combination of the above manifestations of smallpox, therefore we can record the mixed form, in some cases, it may be atypical. Pathoanatomical changes come down to defeat a respiratory system of bodies, the upper airways, at the complicated forms there may be noted lesions in the internal organs. Laboratory methods include identification of the virus in the pathological material, as well as additional histological and virological studies using chicken embryos and bioassays. Treatment is difficult and not always effective. The main preventive measure against smallpox in turkey is vaccination, basic applied biologics are: Avivac-pox" strain "K", "Ospovat, Vectorman FP-MG". Prevention of smallpox includes the implementation of general veterinary and sanitary rules in conjunction with the mandatory special prevention. When planning measures to prevent the spread of smallpox, conditions are created to eliminate pathways of transmission of the pathogen – disinfection, disinsection and deratization, as well as vaccination of all susceptible livestock