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Orlov Alexander Ivanovich

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Bauman Moscow State Technical University

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abstract 1111507005 issue 111 pp. 53 – 80 30.09.2015 ru 702
In many areas - the economy, quality management, medicine, the ecology, in safety of flights and others - the problems of analysis, estimation and management of risks have much in common. Therefore, we consider it necessary to develop a general theory of risk. Approaches and methods of this theory will allow in the future solving problems of uniform risk management in specific subject areas. Based on the analysis of scientific publications and industry regulations it must be noted that private risk theories tend to become isolated within themselves, create their own internal standards and systems of regulations. Separately - for banking, separately - for safety, separately - for industrial accidents, etc. In order to construct a general theory of risk we analyze use of the term "risk" in various fields, consider the variety of types of risks, give the basic definitions in the field of analysis, estimation and management of risk. We discuss planetary risks (at Earth as a whole), global risks (at the level of one or more States), financial risks, commercial risks (risks at the level of the immediate environment of the company), and production (internal, operational) risks relating to the activities of individual enterprises (organizations), personal risks. Instruments of total risk theory allow us equally solve the basic problems of analysis, estimation and management of risk for all areas