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Zubkova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

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Lomonosov Moscow State University

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abstract 1331709069 issue 133 pp. 905 – 923 30.11.2017 ru 403
Acidic properties of the mineral matrix of meadow chernozem and meadow-boggy soils of Krasnodar region are characterized by a total adsorption capacity of ammonia in the range of 32-61 µmol / g. The lowest acidity of the matrix was observed under conditions of permanent rice cultivation for 80 years (32- 33 µmol NH3/g). The mineral matrix of rice soils depends on the meliorative state and the granulometric composition of these soils. At low fields of meadowboggy soils, heavier in granulometric composition, the total acidity of the mineral matrix is 51- 53 µmol NH3/g on high checks of lighter meadow chernozem soils – 34-45 µmol NH3/g. In the upper soil, with a less acidic matrix, the Fe3+ content increases and the amount of Fe2+ decreases. The reverse pattern is found in the lower soil with more pronounced acidic properties of the matrix. A proportional relationship between the humus content and the acidic properties of the mineral matrix is found. The highest yield of rice is formed on meadow chernozem soils with a less acidic mineral matrix