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Ilyashenko Oleg Mikhaylovich

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The state scientific institution Anapsky zone experimental station of wine growing and winemaking of the NCZSRIGandW of the Russian academy of agricultural sciences

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abstract 0370803009 issue 37 pp. 96 – 104 31.03.2008 ru 4153
Results of four-year (2004-2007) researches of perspective technical grape varieties by contrast zones of Krasnodar region : in central- Antaris, Beisug, Cabernek, Clairette Temryk, Litdar, Merlok, Muscat Kuban, Rislinalk, Risling Kuban, Shardonek, in Anapa-Krasnostop AZOS, Rubin AZOS and to the memory of Zotkina, were cited in the article. It was shown their superiority under control varieties. Ampelographical screening of gene pool was carried out in subzone Temryk on the plot of I.G. Karas’ in 2007 and in the result of which there were selected some perspective varieties: Arcadia, Victoria, Hybrid 342, Long-waited , Lora, Original.