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Gulic Aleksandra Fedorovna

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North-Caucasus Research Institute of Animal

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abstract 1001406076 issue 100 pp. 1165 – 1185 30.06.2014 ru 1092
The article presents the results of studies on the use of different amounts by weight of triticale grain in feeding of young geese raised for meat. In the first group the wheat grain was 50% replaced by triticale grain, and in the second group the wheat was completely replaced by triticale grain. As a result of the experiment it has been found that the replacement of wheat by triticale in complete feed for geese provides a high growth rate but at 50 % inclusion of triticale grain the live weight at the end of the experience was110.8 g or 3% higher, as compared with the second group. It should be noted that up to 49 days old geese receiving compound feed with the 100 % replacement by triticale grain had a higher body weight. Complete replacement by triticale grain favoured the increase of carcass yield by 2.2% and decrease of body fat by 68.7 g as compared with the first group. Muscle tissue of the goslings fed the complete feed with complete replacement for triticale grain was characterized by 1% lower caloriс content than the goslings of the second group. According to biochemical composition of blood, all designed rations ensured normal metabolism in the fattened geese. The inclusion of triticale grain into the complete feed for young geese reduced their costs in the second group by 2.9%. But as a result the higher profit by 18.75 % was in the first group, which contributed to increased profitability by 2.4%. It is recommended to use up to 50% of triticale grain instead of wheat as part of complete feed for young fattening meat geese