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abstract 1051501012 issue 105 pp. 235 – 250 30.01.2015 ru 719
The article considers the issues of the economic security and competitiveness of the region as an important component of the economic security of Russia. It is proved that the essence of economic security of the region as an economic category is revealed through a system of interconnected elements, such as regional interests, identify the threats of economic safety in the region, the assessment of threats by various criteria and indicators that define their threshold values and their comparison with actual performance. Moreover, it is necessary to determine the so-called "corridor", denoting a safe zone, the formation of economic policy in the region and to develop effective mechanisms to prevent these threats, targeted organized protection of the economic security of the region. We give a justification according to the economic security of the region on the ability of regional authorities to establish effective mechanisms to ensure the competitiveness of the regional economy, socio-economic stability and sustainable development of the territory as relatively independent structures, organically integrated into the economy of the Russian Federation. The competitiveness of the region is considered only as a factor of economic security of the region and the country as a whole and, as an economic category, may itself be considered as a system and as part of a system of economic security of the region. The article proves that the competitiveness of the region should be considered as a system consisting of such elements as competitive potential of the region, the factors and conditions shaping the competitive environment, resource use efficiency, competitive advantage, competitive strategy business entities state and market mechanisms to manage the economic potential of the region to better meet human needs. The analysis of the factors ensuring the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the region on the world market and the problems of its socio-economic development was made; great attention was paid to the analysis of the socio - economic potential of the Krasnodar region, the strengthening of its economic security
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abstract 1171603048 issue 117 pp. 739 – 758 31.03.2016 ru 137
The aim of the present article is to outline topical issues of economics security, competitiveness and the strategic mission of a region. The Krasnodar region is a prosperous agrarian territory considered as one of the main investment-attractive regions ensuring Russian food security. It possesses a significant resource potential, which is able to provide both import substitution of embargoed goods and ensure economic, and food security not only of a region but also of our country. The article highlights the strategic objectives of the Krasnodar region agrarian sector that aim at meeting the needs of the regional population and ensuring Russian food security. It is inferred that further development of grain production, as a cornerstone of agriculture, livestock and rice industries, is crucial for implementation of the import substitution strategy in the Krasnodar region. Authors assess the production of basic food items in the region, indicating that the local agro-industrial businesses demonstrated 100 % ability to meet the population demand under sanctions for a number of food products, such as meet, sausages, dairy, animal fat, confectionery, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, bread and pastries, rice, canned fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, mineral and table water, etc. According to the present article, the main objective of ensuring Russian food security and import substitution in the agri-food industry under current economic restrictions is an effective use of regional food production capacities and raw material base development. Competitiveness and economic development of the Krasnodar region directly depend on its investment attractiveness. It is revealed that the Krasnodar region competitiveness, economic development and consequently its economic and food security will be determined not only by a favorable transport-geographical position and significant natural resources reserves, but will depend on the regional authorities activity, labor force quality and infrastructure availability. The article concludes with investment policy goals as the most important factor of Krasnodar region competitiveness and economic security until 2025
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abstract 1311707009 issue 131 pp. 79 – 99 29.09.2017 ru 46
The article deals with the energy security of Russia in conditions of sanctions and the globalization of the modern economy in the world community. It is substantiated that energy security is the main factor of political and socio-economic stability of each state. Russia is not an exception. For many years it has been the world's largest net exporter of oil and gas, mainly due to the weakness of the economic system, the main problems of the oil refining industry are considered, given The definition of energy security, the energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis. An estimation of the export of domestic goods is given, the reserves of the regions are considered according to the level of extraction of oil resources, the rating of the largest oil companies is determined by the level of average daily oil production. It is concluded that for a successful export, the redistribution of significant oil reserves between regions within the country will require a relatively long period, not one or two years. It was revealed that the level of domestic production is not fully capable of providing consumers with the necessary products For which Russia implements the policy of modernization and reconstruction of the fuel and energy complex. Russia has been one of the leading oil exporters for many years, the main indicators of the oil sector have been examined, the definition of economic security and energy security has been defined. The energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis, as well as the globalization of the world economy. A brief description of the energy security policy of the Russian Federation is given. An assessment is given of both the world oil sector and the Russian oil sector, based on this assessment, a conclusion has been drawn about the deteriorating conjecture of the oil industry. A correlation-regression analysis of the effect of oil prices on the quotes of the Russian ruble was conducted, and on the basis of the findings it was concluded that the Russian economy is in a sufficiently strong dependence on oil prices. The possible variant of reducing such dependence through the increase in the role of SPIMEX in the international arena and the creation of an oil benchmark in the Russian Federation is considered and described
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abstract 1281704048 issue 128 pp. 648 – 663 28.04.2017 ru 72
The economic security of the region is one of the main elements of the country's economic security system. The article examines the current state of economic security in the region, identifies key problems, challenges, internal and external threats to economic security, proposes directions for the development of economic security in the region, and develops a balanced system of economic security indicators with justification of their threshold values. As the base region for the study, we have selected the Krasnodar region, one of the leading regions of the country. The issues of ensuring economic security are considered, the main indicators of economic security of the country and the region are formed. An assessment of the region's economic security system by monitoring economic security indicators is proposed, for each of which the indicator under study is estimated within the threshold (normative values). This method allows you to assess simultaneously the various spheres of life in the region, determines the risk zones and growth points in terms of the remoteness of the threshold value of the regulatory indicator. According to the proposed system, the threshold values of the indicators of economic security and the main socio-economic indicators of the Krasnodar region were grouped into four areas: the financial and economic, social, labor, demographic and social health of the population. The assessment of the state of economic security of the Krasnodar region is given, topical problems of economic security are considered and the main directions of ensuring the economic security of the region are identified
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abstract 1071503005 issue 107 pp. 94 – 111 31.03.2015 ru 486
The article is devoted to the problems of creating an effective organizational-economic mechanism of management in agricultural production and the substantiation for the use of a problem-oriented approach in the management of business structures. The article is an exploratory, it has reflected the fact that it dealt with the peculiarities of agricultural production in modern conditions, and it has identified factors increase the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture, the necessity, in order to improve production efficiency, of the use of a problem-oriented approach in the management of business structures. The article considers specific features of agriculture, without which it is impossible to ensure the desired performance of a functioning business structures. It is proved that the solution of the problems of modern development of agricultural production, enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in connection with the entry into WTO is closely linked to the identification of such features and the determination of their effect (stimulating or inhibiting) the final results of functioning of economic entities in the agricultural sector. In the article, much attention is paid to the issue of performance management entrepreneurship business entities engaged directly in agricultural production, which represents a system of organizational and technological management, providing specified volumes of production and raw materials for the processing industry, meeting the requirements of quality and sustainability and affordable prices for a wide range of consumers, as well as the definition of the specific objectives of the performance management of agricultural producers. In the article the urgency of the problem-oriented approach with identified problems identify the factors increasing the efficiency of agricultural production and to develop an optimal management decisions for specific agrifood systems
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abstract 1161602029 issue 116 pp. 402 – 418 29.02.2016 ru 451
The article reviews food security issues of Russia under foreign sanctions and the state of food products production and consumption in the Russian Federation. Food security is considered as a major factor of political and socio-economic stability of any country, with Russia a no exception. However, it has become one of the largest net food importers, chiefly due to its agrarian sector weakness. The present paper discusses major challenges of the agricultural industry and necessary conditions for import substitution, gives a definition to food security and analyzes Russian food security in the terms of crisis. The authors assess prospects for import substitution by domestic goods, examine regional food production sectors and define food-sufficiency level of the Russian population. The article consequently infers that successful import substitution rather than a redistribution of significant import flows of agricultural products between exporting countries requires a relatively long period, which constitutes more than one or two years. It is revealed, that Russian domestic production level is insufficient for provisioning its population, which is the main cause of the country importing necessary amount of food from abroad. According to medical norms, in spite of the positive consumption dynamics of basic food products, the population does not receive a significant amount of animal protein, vegetables and fruit, and in a number of cases, the quality of food is extremely low. In the article production of basic food products, as well as average daily household food rations per capita in terms of their energy and protein value are subjected to analysis. Moreover, the article gives an estimate to the Russian food import rates. It studies the annual consumption of basic food products, the dynamics of household expenditures share on food and the number of Russian population whose incomes are below the subsistence minimum
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abstract 1061502057 issue 106 pp. 903 – 916 28.02.2015 ru 346
The article considers the issues of economic security of the country and argues that the priorities of economic security of the state vary depending on the historical period of development of the state, and under the influence of changes in the world. In modern terms they are monetary, energy and food security. The article is devoted to the issue of food security as an integral and essential part of national security, because the share of imports in total food variously estimated at from 30 to 50 %. Ensuring food security contributes to sustainable social climate in society. Russia, having all the main types of resources - land, water, energy, raw materials and labour, is not yet able to make full use of their populations wholesome food through own production. Needs completed large-scale imports even for those that it can produce sufficient not only for domestic consumption but also for export to the world market. Food security regions and the country serves as a basic indicator of human activity, and security is a priority of the state agrarian policy of the state.. The article proves that food security as an important element of national security involves ensuring the normal operation of such a complex biological system, as a people, mostly at the expense of domestic food production with the accounting standards recommended by the Institute of nutrition of the Academy of medical Sciences. The article is exploratory in nature, reflected in the fact that it dealt with issues of food security of the region and the country. The article is devoted to solving actual tasks associated with the role of agriculture in the Kuban in ensuring food security in the region and the country. In article on the basis of the analysis of the economic potential of Krasnodar region, in particular the agro-industrial complex of the region as the largest Russian producer and supplier of agricultural products and raw materials, justifies the role of agrarian and industrial complex of Krasnodar region and its ability to ensure food and economic security, and the country as a whole. The article discusses the direction for the effective management of food security of the country and its regions