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abstract 1061502075 issue 106 pp. 1133 – 1150 28.02.2015 ru 686
This article provides a characterization of the refinancing system of the Bank of Russia as a factor for control of marketability of commercial banks. A viewpoint of authors for development of refinancing tools with the goal of their application for extending the investment potential of banks in the interest of regional economy is provided in the article
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abstract 1311707011 issue 131 pp. 114 – 128 29.09.2017 ru 854
The article examines the main trends and prospects of the Russian mortgage lending system development. It examines the current state of the mortgage market in the current socio-economic conditions in the Russian Federation. It presents an overview of the key market indicators of the past few years. At the moment, interest rates have decreased, compared to the previous year, therefore the banks’ lowest interest rates have been analysed. The article contains a review of the mortgage programs with the most favourable terms. The 2015 and 2016 results of the housing markets, housing construction and mortgage lending in the Russian Federation have been analysed. Having considered the dynamics of the debt on the mortgage loans that had been granted to resident individuals, it was brought out that the debt on mortgage loans in the period of the years 2013-2017 has been growing with each year. The article examines the conditions of getting a mortgage in 2017. Currently, the development of the mortgage loan system is constrained by several factors, in relation to which the article offers recommendations on the possible ways to improve it
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abstract 1301706048 issue 130 pp. 695 – 711 30.06.2017 ru 100
In the years 2014-2016 under the influence of the sanctions against Russia, the arrangement of the funding base had been carried out mainly from the internal sources, which are from the funds of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the funds of organizations and the population savings. This article examines the Central Bank’s rates of lending in the period of 2014-2016; it studies the impact of the lending rates from the financial regulator on the finance result of the banks. The article contains the analysis of the funds raised by credit companies from legal entities and individuals. Due to the lack of access to the resources of the world market’s loanable funds and, as the result of it, the shortages of funding, Russian banks were forced to function using the fund deposits of individuals. Next, the article unfolds the analysis of the current environment and the prospects of borrowing on the foreign market in the conditions of sanctioning. In may 2016 Russia returned as a sovereign borrower to the international debt market. It has been noted that in the case of the situation remaining calm on the geopolitical arena, the conditions of external funding for Russian banks are going to improve. On the other hand, the prompt and optimal way out of the present conditions is seen in the development of the innovative environment, which is impossible without venture capital financing