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abstract 1071503042 issue 107 pp. 601 – 613 31.03.2015 ru 1141
Черешки листьев, взятых из растений ин витро, девяти межвидовых гибридов винограда: подвоев Берландиери х Рипариа ‘Кобер 5ББ’, Рипариа х Рупестрис ‘101-14’ и сортов (cvs): 'Бианка', 'Зигфридребе', 'Подарок Магарача’, ‘Первенец Магарача’, ‘Цитронный Магарача’, ‘Интервитис Магарача’ и гибридной формы ‘Магарач 100-74-1-5' культивировали на твердой среде NN, содержащей различные концентрации 2,4-D и BА в различных сочетаниях. Для того, чтобы инициировать рост клеточных суспензий, проэмбриогенные каллусы пересаживали в жидкую среду NN, дополненную 1.0 мг/л 2,4-Д и 0,2 мг/л BА. Субкультивирование этих суспензий в жидкую среду NN, дополненную 2 мг/л NAA и 0,1 мг/л BА, привело к развитию агрегатов эмбриоидов, а пересадка в жидкую среду с 0,5 мг/л BА вызвала развитие единичных глобулярных и сердцевидных эмбриоидов. Проэмбриогенные клеточные суспензии, состоящие из преимущественно отдельных клеток, могут быть использованы в трансформации генов и селекции на клеточном уровне с целью уменьшения вероятности появления химерных растений
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abstract 1171603044 issue 117 pp. 684 – 697 31.03.2016 ru 666
The article highlights the issues of grape plants resistance to low temperatures; it is an urgent problem for all wine-growing regions of the world, located in the zone of risky agriculture. Losses caused by frost, indicate long-standing necessity of perfection of assortment in terms of enhancing its hardiness by enriching more resistant genotypes obtained both through the introduction or naturalization, as well as from the crossing of indigenous with interspecies hybrids. Methodology for evaluating frost resistance properties of the material served as a preparation for the originality of his research and experimental evaluation of the unique divisibility properties of the aim. Thus, we initially conducted hardening of matured cuttings at positive temperature plus 8 plus 4 ° C for 14 days (I quenching phase) and a negative temperature minus 5 ° C-minus 7 ° C for 9 days and minus 10 ° C-1 day (II hardening phase). Then the cuttings we frozen in the temperature range from minus 16 ° C to the next steps of consistent freezing (minus 16 ° C - 2 days; minus 18 ° C - 2 days; minus 20 ° C - 2 days; minus 22 ° C – 1day, minus 24 ° C - 1 day, minus 26 ° C - 1 day, minus 28 ° C - 1 day and minus 30 ° C - 8 hours). After freezing of cuttings of each variety, the sample was placed on the 3 days in the refrigerator at the temperature of + 2 ° C to their gradual thawing. Cuttings were grown at room temperature on water. As a result, obtained by the accounting: the lowest frost-resistance among the studied forms of parental Crimean origins was found in grades of Shabash, Soldayya and Solnechnodolinsky; the varieties of Dzevat kara, Kokur bely, Kokur cherny, Misket, Misgyuli kara, Sari Pandas were set as a weak level (-20 °C); Aybatly, Kefesiya, Kok pandas and Ekim kara have average level up to -22 °C; the highest frost-resistance - 24 °C – was shown by Khersonessky and Kapselsky. Also, we have identified synthetic frost-resistant F1-population and plus-transgressive selection form
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abstract 1141510083 issue 114 pp. 1093 – 1108 30.12.2015 ru 933
Progress of breeding for resistance to diseases, pests and low temperatures is provided by cross-species hybridization. Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach" is one of the leading centers of selection of grapes in the world. The breeding program of deducing grapes at the institute is based on the study and attracting the world's gene pool, including and industrial of the Russian Federation assortment of grapes. Analysis assortment shows that the share of productive, highquality varieties with group resistance to diseases, pests and extreme environmental factors is very small. The main method of selection of grapes of a new generation who have genetically determined traits earliness, resistance to biotic and abiotic factors is crossing complex interspecific hybrids and forms of their involvement with each other and with the forms of species Vitis vinifera, belonging to different ecogeographical groups, saturating crossing between hybrid forms with complex features, the appropriate selection of reference. For vigorous offspring is most effective as a parent to use a local variety of forms of Crohn and father - interspecific cultivar Alminsky
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abstract 1151601067 issue 115 pp. 1058 – 1073 27.01.2016 ru 946
Peculiarities of breeding oidium-resistant genotypes in crossing Crimea autochthonous grape varieties with complex interspecific hybrids were studied. Twentytwo populations consisting of 1323 seedlings were analyzed over a period of 2008-2014. The highest oidium resistance was registered in the progeny of the cross Khersonesskii х ЖС 26-205 (6.8 points), and the average estimate of oidium resistance across all the study populations was higher than that of the initial autochthonous grapes of the Crimea. The level of hypothetical heterosis in the majority of the study populations indicates that, on the whole, the hybrid seedlings possess a higher oidium resistance relative to the initial Crimea autochthonous grapes. The highest breeding value was associated with cross combinations having the complex interspecific hybrids Muscat JIM, Spartanets Magaracha and Magarach 31-77-10 in their pedigrees. The cross combination Muscat JIM х Shabash was the most efficient, yielding 10.7 per cent of oidium-resistant seedlings. It was reliably established that a high level of the genotypically determined inheritance of oidium resistance is found in crosses with the participation of the interspecific forms Magarach № 31-77-10 and Muscat JIM (female parents) and Spartanets Magaracha and Tsitronnyi Magaracha (male parents). The expediency of this direction of breeding research was proved