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Anikin Evgeniy Viktorovich

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FSEI HPE Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy

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abstract 1101506084 issue 110 pp. 1274 – 1283 30.06.2015 ru 975
To solve the problem of reprocessing and use of rubber waste in Russia it is necessary to develop and adopt a set of measures regulating the procedure for their accounting, collection, storage and delivery for processing, as well as preparation and promotion of legislative acts at federal and regional levels, stimulating an increase in complete renovation and recycling of used tires. Russia has seen a steady increase in quantity of waste; fundamental changes to this trend in the nearest future are not expected. This is obviously due to the growth of industrial production and the level of final consumption. In this case, wastes of consumption will grow faster than production waste due to advanced growth of products of final consumption - primarily household, computer and electronic equipment, household items, clothes, cars, etc. [2]. There are several methods of used tires and rubber waste reprocessing in general, but we focus only on the pyrolysis process, as one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly. Pyrolysis is thermal decomposition of many organic and inorganic compounds. In a narrow sense, the natural decomposition of organic compounds with air deficiency. In a wider sense - decomposition of molecular entities constituting less heavy molecules or elements under the action of raising the temperature