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Georgieva Alexandra Vladimirovna

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abstract 1111507114 issue 111 pp. 1732 – 1742 30.09.2015 ru 549
Both the research of the theoretical aspects and the experience of formation and development of trade networks are now becoming increasingly important. Network trade is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in many countries. Economic globalization and liberalization of international trade predetermined active distribution network and rapid growth companies. The article considers the details of the processes of creation and development of trade networks in Western Europe and the USA, as well as experience in the development of multinational companies overseas consumer markets (mainly developing countries). The basic stages of development of a network of trade are identified and the characteristics of each stage are described in details. We have studied in detail the work of Russian and foreign scientists of different economic schools of thought on the problems of integration of the enterprises and the development of a network of trade. The authors conclude that the change in the conditions of doing business in today's environment requires additional research and theoretical studies on the problems of accelerated integration of enterprises and the development of international trade networks
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abstract 1121508087 issue 112 pp. 1200 – 1209 30.10.2015 ru 587
The reasons for the transformation of logistics systems of international trading companies are becoming the processes of integration of national economies into the world economy now, which contribute to the expansion of trading companies at the expense of the foreign markets development. In this regard, especially updated become theoretical developments in the field of commodity flows on an international caliber. The article analyzes the interpretations of scholars of various economic scientists of the concept of "commodity flow" explores theoretical approaches for building goods distribution management at the level of international companies. Particular attention is paid to the risks assessment in the process of changing the output of trading companies at the international level. The role of the international net brokers is determining in the logistic system of goods distribution. The front most methods of risk management of major trade companies are highly investigating. The authors conclude that in entering the international markets trading companies are often unable to develop an effective risk management system due to lack of information, difficulty adapting to the new business environment. Many aspects of international goods distribution require further study with the aim of improving the efficiency of inventory management and logistics network trade flows of businesses