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Lihobabin Evgeny Gennadievich

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1131509046 issue 113 pp. 618 – 635 30.11.2015 ru 514
This article explores the multicriteria problems arise in the organization of routes in large-scale transport management system. As a mathematical tool for constructing a model, we were using the prefractal graphs. Prefractal graphs naturally reflect structure of the device of communications of transport system, reflecting its important features – locality and differentiation. Locality is provided with creation of internal routes (city, raionwide, etc.). Differentiation is understood as division of routes on intra regional, interregional and international. The objective is reduced to a covering of prefractal graphs by the simple paths which are crossed on edges and nodes. On the set of feasible solutions, vector criterion function with certain criteria is based. In concepts of transport system, the given criteria have concrete substantial interpretation, the transport routes allowing to design considering features of system. In this article, we construct polynomial algorithms for finding optimal according to certain criteria decision. By the criteria which aren't optimizing the allocated routes their estimates of the lower and upper bounds are given. On all given algorithms the estimates of computing complexity confirming advantage of use of methods of prefractal and fractal graphs before classical methods of the theory of graphs are constructed and proved