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abstract 1141510095 issue 114 pp. 1257 – 1274 30.12.2015 ru 965
The article presents the results of studies on the effect of processing varieties of grape cuttings of Pervenets Magaracha using alternating electromagnetic field on their regenerative skills. Processing the cuttings with alternating electromagnetic field was carried out using an induction coil for 5,10,15 and 20 min. As a control option, the cuttings were soaked in water, as a standard option – the cuttings were soaked for 24 hours in a 0.01% solution of IAA. Rooting was performed in vessels with water at optimum temperature conditions. It was found, that the use of IAA for the first time led to the inhibition of blooming buds. EMF treatment of cuttings with each exposure has a stimulating effect on this indicator. Application of EMF exposures in the 5 to 15 minutes resulted in a significant increase in the length of shoots, compared to the control variant and the option to IAA. Processing cuttings with EMF exposures at 5,15 and 20 minutes resulted in a significant increase in rooting compared with the control. Maximum rooting was obtained at an exposure of 15 minutes. It was the same as in the version with a standard rooting stimulant - IAA. However, the highest yield of cuttings with 3 roots and ended up in a version with a 20-minute exposure. Maximum number was noted on the heel of the roots cuttings option with IAA. Treatment of cuttings with EMF exposure 5, 10 and 20 minutes, has also led to a significant increasing of this indicator, respectively, 45.5; 22.7 and 79.5%. The maximum increase in the number of roots was obtained in the variant with exposure 20 minutes. Thus, this option should be considered as the best one