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abstract 1191605057 issue 119 pp. 790 – 798 31.05.2016 ru 439
The questions of bilingualism and linguo-didactic solution of the problem of formation of the communicative personality of a bilingual are considered in the article. The linguistic status of bilingualism and its characteristics haven’t acted as a subject of special scientific research yet. The object of studying of this work is the bilingualism as a linguistic phenomenon. The work purpose is to differentiate an explanation of the linguistic status of bilingualism and to justify of its characteristics. Goals and tasks during research are solved. This material is up-to-date, owing to the following reasons: 1) despite the widespread phenomenon of bilingualism in modern society, its characteristics are considered only from the point of view of psychology and linguo-didactic, 2) the analysis of bilingualism will open new opportunities in studying of other sciences. Scientific novelty of research is establishment the distinctive features of bilingualism and this work can be used as the analysis of processes of interaction of languages and cultures
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abstract 1161602015 issue 116 pp. 215 – 224 29.02.2016 ru 599
This article is devoted to communicative and pragmatical importance of the speech act of disagreement and means of its expression. Importance of communication increases in the modern world because of improvement of informational technologies and expansion of borders of communicative space. Therefore, the research of features of communication ceased to have applied character and got to the area of studying of many sciences and linguistics. Research of expression of semantic category of disagreement is actual for modern linguistics and is because the integrated approach to the analysis of essence of concept of disagreement for the purpose of its adequate description of system and functional properties is necessary. The dialogical unities containing reciprocal remarks of disagreement are the object of the research. The object of the research is the features of disagreement, which are shown at the lexical and grammatical levels of any language and in some spheres of communication. The purpose of this work is to express the act of disagreement from the point of view of semantical and syntactical importance, to consider basic lexical means, both verbally and nonverbally. However, it is noted, that the problem of use of nonverbal means for expression of disagreement demands special studying