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Elizarova Marianna Ioanovna

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Central Economics and Mathematics Institute Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow

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abstract 1301706007 issue 130 pp. 107 – 127 30.06.2017 ru 628
In connection with the informatization of production, scientific-technical, social and public activities, the emergence of the digital economy, there is a need to protect effectively sensitive and confidential data. The solution to the problem of creation of system of information security becomes particularly relevant and significant, since with the advent of complex automated information systems significantly increased the quantity of information stored in the computing device, in single databases have become integrated information for various purposes, greatly expanded the number of users having access to the information resources of the enterprise. In the article, we have proposed and scientifically based conceptual foundation and principles of construction of modern system of protecting information files to manufacturing enterprises, which constitute commercial secret, from damage and unauthorized access. We have identified the information that requires protection from competitors and intruders, identified infrastructure their protection and the mechanisms for their own reliable operation of protective systems. It is shown that the objects to be protected from potential internal and external threats and illegal acts are staff, material, financial and intellectual resources, means and systems of informatization and protection of all types of resources. The basic principles of information security production of the enterprise are the mutual responsibility of management and staff, legitimacy, cooperation with law enforcement bodies, maintenance of optimum balance of interests of the company and the individual
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abstract 1171603019 issue 117 pp. 329 – 345 31.03.2016 ru 442
The article shows that when the plans for the creation and production of modern high-tech innovative products for different purposes it is necessary to consider all possible risks and dangers that accompany modern innovative projects. New approaches to the planning of the development of science-intensive industries should ensure that the accounting and the management of risk situations of the financialeconomic, scientific-technical and industrialtechnological character. One of the promising directions of the domestic output of the industrial complex from its current unstable state is a strategic planning and forecasting of its activity, the development strategies should be based on an evaluation of available enterprise resources, the lack of which leads to stagnation. With active government support the company can successfully implement a strategy of stabilization and progress through cooperation and diversification of production and to make a technological breakthrough in creating high-tech products of new generation