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Pashchenko Lyudmila Vasilyevna

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Murmansk State Technical University

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abstract 1181604072 issue 118 pp. 1139 – 1153 29.04.2016 ru 1323
For the purpose of this article, the analysis of the development of ethnoseparatism in West Europe has been undertaken. Under current conditions, the ethnical separatism threatens national security of series of European countries and territorial integrity. Special attention has been paid to social and political beginnings and causes of terrorism in Spain and Great Britain. The activity of such terrorist organizations as IRA and ETA has been researched. Ideological basis of violence, purposes and objectives, as well as the main stages of formation and development of these organizations have been disclosed. The author states that the use of the terrorism as a method of political struggle is destructive and does not facilitate a solution to the national problems. We have also considered approaches of the governments to solve the problems of separatism and terrorism on the territory of these countries. In their counter-terrorism efforts political leaders of Spain and Great Britain have used both methods of force and political and legal methods, namely, granting to the regions of wide economical and political independence, preservation of authentic cultural values and language of indigenous people. The formation of violence intolerance in public conscience as control method has become the main direction of the antiterrorist policy in the countries under consideration. Anti-terrorist model which has been developed by the European countries can be effective and useful for the regions being in ethnopolitical conflicts