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abstract 1201606022 issue 120 pp. 340 – 352 30.06.2016 ru 539
The article analyzes the literary prose by Olga Slavnikova in the context of the literature of the late XX – early XXI centuries. The work of the writer is poorly investigated; the study of it is presented in modern literature only in the form of reviews and analysis of some of the concepts and motives. Scientific paper actualizes the problem of artistic method in the works of the writer. It is difficult to classify into one particular artistic method the work of many modern writers. The installations of several trends intersect in works some of them, even contradictory sometimes. Creativity by Olga Slavnikova isn’t exception in this series. At all levels of her prose, we have revealed various aspects that characterize the work of Slavnikova from the point of view of postmodernism, magical realism and women's prose. Categories of Death and Emptiness, the idea is the signified of existence and the illusory nature of the real are purely postmodernist, from the point of view of magical realism examines the images of metaphysical beings and the other world, also mentions personal and psychological motives as an art installation of women’s prose. Furthermore, with a postmodern understanding of reality realistic psychology characterized for all works, some constants of postmodernism are revealed using style settings of magical realism