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abstract 1211607039 issue 121 pp. 719 – 728 30.09.2016 ru 625
The article describes the characteristic features of British political discourse, its historical development and the formation and characteristics of the British sense of humor. We noted that political humor reflects the mood and attitude of trends in politics. Political discourse has been viewed as socially-oriented communication, which is in the nature of persuasive and compelling communication, dominated by the imperative type of speech, which, in turn, creates preconditions for the implementation of the comic. We have defined defamatory, socially critical, and harmonizing functions. Special attention is paid to the role of the addressee, as the factor, which determines the political communication's aim. We have observed that British politicians use humor carefully so as not to provoke their opponents and dissenters in mocking their use of humor or turning their statements against themselves. The article contains the analysis of illustrative material consisting of quotations of the British political and public figures. English humor can be studied from the point of view of transformational grammar, in which case the jokes are divided into prosaic and poetic ones. Prosaic jokes are based on social and cultural situations, human interactions. Poetical jokes are based on grammatical forms and their irregular usage