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Bazaev Adlan Lechaevich

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Rostov Cancer Research Institute

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abstract 1241610028 issue 124 pp. 484 – 493 30.12.2016 ru 384
The aim of the study is to compare the traditional clinicopathologic factors and prognosis of cell cycle parameters, such as ploidy, cell cycle kinetics, as well as the study of DNA content in the tumor tissue of patients with esophageal cancer. Cancer of the esophagus - a very aggressive malignant disease, most commonly manifested impaired swallowing. As a rule, this type of cancer pathology is characterized by unfavorable outcome. Ploidy and cell proliferation activity, defined by the content of the DNA of the tumor - synthesizing cells are one of the important indicators of the growth rate of malignancy and prognosis. The study was performed on tumor tissue fragments of the 30 patients operated on for cancer of the esophagus. DNA study - conducted in the open cell material aftercare. DNA cell content was determined by flow cytometry BD FACSCanto II. By studying the DNA-cytometric parameters, we found the prevalence of aneuploid tumors in 66.7%. It was shown that DNAcytometric parameters are independent of gender. Major weight of diploid and aneuploid cell tumors of the esophagus was in G0 / 1 phase of the cell cycle. Comparative analysis of DNA - cytometric parameters and the degree of differentiation of esophageal tumor revealed a prevalence of aneuploid tumors in all the test cases. content distribution pattern of tumor cells was found in the G0 / G1-, G2 + M -, S - phase of the cell cycle at different stages of the disease