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Skazhennik Mikhail Alexandrovich

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All-Russian Research Institute of Rice

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abstract 1241610039 issue 124 pp. 632 – 649 30.12.2016 ru 415
27 introduced variety samples of rice from 8 countries were studied by the complex of biological, morphological, agronomic traits to select the most valuable genotypes for including them into breeding programs on development of cold tolerant rice varieties. It was found that the studied introduced varietal samples were characterized by variation in duration which varied from 120 to 182 days. Variety samples from Bhutan ATTEY, PARO DUMBJA (White) had shown response to photoperiod and the panicles didn’t appear in conditions of Krasnodar region. During the study there were selected high productive forms Obongbueo and Tinbubueo from S. Korea with grain weight 81.67 g / vessel and 74.43 g / vessel, respectively. According to results of research there were selected five cold tolerant samples Tong Jing 29 (China), Giza 178 (Egypt), Istigbol and Mustagillik (Uzbekistan), ZAKHA (Bhutan), evaluation result of which were on the same level with those of standard check variety Kuban 3, as well as those of samples with increased resistance IR83222- F8-14 and IR83222-F8-156 (Philippines), PARO DUMBJA (White) and THIMPHU DUMBJA (Bhutan). As a result of research there were selected three introduced rice variety samples Tong Jing 29 (China), Tinbubueo (S. Korea) and SR 30084-F8-156 (Philippines) which by duration, morphotype and agronomic traits are considered as candidates for further hybridization and breeding as sources of useful traits and properties