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Kovalev Sergey Sergeevich

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All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection

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abstract 1251701004 issue 125 pp. 102 – 111 31.01.2017 ru 237
One of the most destabilizing factors of crop production is weed infestation of crops. Despite annual herbicide treatment, weed infestation of crops of winter wheat remains high, with a predominance of annual dicotyledonous weed with a higher proportion of drug resistant on the basis of 2,4-D. We also notice increased range and density of perennial dicotyledonous weeds. New combinational herbicide called Cayenne, manufactured by LLC "Agro Expert group", which in its composition contains two active substances: thifensulfuron-methyl (500 g/l) and florasulam (170 g/l), highly inhibits both annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds. According to the working program of the registrant's company we have tested Cayenne on crops of winter wheat in spring in the tillering phase and the formation of the second internode. It is shown that its use in doses of 0.025 and 0.035 kg/ha in mixture with 200 ml/ha of surfactant-Bit 90, W provides effective suppression of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds (90 – 100 %). The negative effect on the culture was not observed. At the same time, within 2-3 days after herbicide application we observed cessation of growth, chlorosis, dieback of growing points of weeds. Complete death was observed after 15 – 20 days