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Dubinin Viktor Olegovich

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Omsk Tank-Automotive Engineering Institute (branch) of Khrulev Military Academy of Logistics

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abstract 1251701048 issue 125 pp. 712 – 723 31.01.2017 ru 343
In spite of the fact that the name of the district during its existence was changed (Western-Siberian, Omsk, Siberian), the authors accepted the name “the Siberian military district” for the benefit of the material representation. Chronological frameworks of the article cover the period from 1865 (the date of the creation of the Western-Siberian military district) to 1906 when the Siberian military district has been divided up into Omsk and Irkutsk districts. The article considers some features of active service in military units and institutions of the Siberian military district during 1865-1906, in view of condition diversity in Western Siberia. They are the features of the regional climate, the features of the officer personnel formation in the district, the features of its class structure (which is a source of replacement of the organized units’ staff, district subunits and a mobilization resource in case of the war beginning) and some organization issues of the military’s everyday life in Western Siberia. The authors pay a special attention to the problems of character training, the organization of the service arm and the troop training in the Siberian military district. They also underline a low level of literacy among the district population and the staff of the district divisions and units. The main idea of the article is that the government has paid little attention to the military component of Western Siberia development from the earliest times up to now