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Zlatnik Elena Yurievna

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Rostov Cancer Research Institute

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abstract 1251701056 issue 125 pp. 827 – 839 31.01.2017 ru 499
A retrospective immunohistochemical study of lymphocyte and macrophage infiltration in tumor tissue of 84 vulvar cancer patients with a long (over 2 years) and short (less than 2 years) remission was performed to determine a possible role of immunologic microenvironment of tumors in maintaining remission. Vulvar cancer patients with a short remission period were aged 46-85 years, mean age 67 years. 15.8% of them had stage I of the disease, 21% - stage II, 47.4% - stage III and 15.8% - stage IV. The average duration of remission in this group was 11 months. Patients with a long remission period were aged 27-71 years, mean age 48 years. 38.5% of them had stage I of the disease, 53.8% - stage II and 7.7% - stage III. The average duration of remission in this group was 8 years. Histological study showed squamous cell carcinoma in all patients. Stroma and parenchyma of tumor tissues demonstrated lymphocyte and macrophage infiltration of various degrees with the predominance of T-lymphocytes. CD8+ cells prevailed in tumor tissue of patients with a long remission period (over 2 years), while a higher level of CD4+ Т-lymphocytic infiltration was associated with a short remission (less than 2 years) and a poor prognosis. These differences allow prediction of the vulvar cancer course and its early or late recurrence