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Lukyanenko Maria Viktorovna

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Krasnodar Research Institute of Agricultural Products Storage and Processing

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abstract 1261702007 issue 126 pp. 109 – 118 28.02.2017 ru 339
The accumulation of free radicals in the human body in excessive quantities is one of the reasons that are known to cause many dangerous diseases and aging. To reduce the negative impact of free radicals to the body is possible through regular consumption of food products enriched with nutritional and dietary supplements containing natural antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, vitamin C, vitamin E and β – carotene. Scientists of federal state budgetary scientific institution "Krasnodar research Institute of storage and processing of agricultural products" have developed a technology for production of food additives from secondary materials generated during the processing of apples and pumpkins. The article presents data characterizing the antioxidant and antiradical activity of food additives derived from secondary plant resources developed and known technology. It is established that the antioxidant activity determined by the amperometric method, and the antioxidant (antiradical) activity, determined by DPPH method, supplements, "Powder apple" and " Powder pumpkin" obtained by the developed technology, is almost 1.5 times higher in comparison with antioxidant and antiradical activity of food additives, obtained by known technologies, because of higher content of antioxidants in the developed supplements. It has been established that the expression of antioxidants and anti-radical activity of food supplements obtained from secondary resources on the developed technologies, can be positioned in a number of (descending): "Powder from the seeds of grapes" → "Apple powder" → " Pumpkin powder"
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abstract 1321708046 issue 132 pp. 569 – 580 31.10.2017 ru 103
The article shows the historically developed situation and the actual state of the production practice in chronic mycotoxicosis of a bird. The main feed problems in poultry farming are shown through the prism of a review of market proposals for feed concentrates. An overview of preventive and compensating agents on the market, as well as a brief description of feed concentrates based on beta-carotene for fighting mycotoxicosis. It is shown that the vitamin-mineral fodder concentrate "Tetra +" is an alternative to the existing feed concentrates on the market, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed in experiments on laboratory animals and in poultry feeding. Based on the analysis, a conclusion was made about the relevance of studies to identify the effectiveness of vitamin-mineral concentrate "Tetra +" in livestock
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abstract 1341710011 issue 134 pp. 134 – 145 29.12.2017 ru 361
The article gives an overview of the current developments of scientists of the Russian Federation in the field of production of feed concentrates and premixes for cattle. A critical analysis of feed concentrates and premixes of preventive and compensatory action for the control of mycotoxicoses was carried out, and their brief characteristics were given. The characteristic of biologically active substances and fillers, declared in the recipes of feed concentrates and premixes, is given. It is shown that the alternative to existing feed concentrates and premixes on the market is vitamin-mineral fodder concentrate "Tetra +", developed by the authors. Based on the analysis, a conclusion was made about the relevance of studies to identify the effectiveness of vitamin-mineral fodder concentrate "Tetra +" in livestock