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Mashnogorskaya Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1261702048 issue 126 pp. 674 – 690 28.02.2017 ru 343
The article discusses and explains the similarity of organizational, structural and functional «solutions» at different system stages of the evolutionary development presented in nature and society. It is shown that at any level of biological organisation transition to a new stages of evolutionary development is implemented not only via «classical» individual changes (adaptations) of the particular organisms, but also by means of: 1) integration of organisms into the new systems of «superorganisms», 2) the differentiation of their functions or the division of labor, and 3) the development of internal and external communication, integrated into the overall communication system, ranging from single cells to ecological and social communication. The article argues that the distinctive characteristic of the present stage of evolution is cumulative cultural evolution of complex social systems that support (scaffold) the development of their individuals, through learning processes. It is shown that such social systems still have structural and functional isomorphism with biological systems; however, their reproduction and transmission implemented predominantly through more developed in the human community non-genetic inheritance systems, the advanced division of labour and distributed cognition.