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Belkov Aleksey Sergeevich

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1291705027 issue 129 pp. 306 – 314 31.05.2017 ru 302
We have presented opportunities to improve the nutritional value of wine production: improvement of biogenetic soil, using organic fertilizers. The nutritional value is ensured by not only high-quality biochemical diversity of berries, but also the safety of products that do not contain toxic inclusions. Bio-fertilizer stimulates the biotransformation of toxic soil residues to replenish soil nutrients for the plant, providing grape raw material with biologically active substances and improves the nutritional value of wine products. Food safety of grapes is ensured by reducing it residues of hazardous chemicals migrating from the soil into the plant and the grapes. It has been established, that after 3 years of application of biofertilizers we significantly improved food safety and quality in the biochemical parameters, especially important for the classic wine grape varieties. The soil content of toxic residues in grape raw material is reduced to 50%, the amount of organic acids increases by: 4,22 mg/dm3(Gallic, coffee acid, chlorogenic; 0.7 g/cm3 amber; of 1.33 mg/dm3 ascorbic; 0.25 mg/dm3 nicotinic