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Lukyanchenko Igor Viktorovich

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Don state agrarian University

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abstract 1291705089 issue 129 pp. 1235 – 1244 31.05.2017 ru 609
The article deals with the issue of improving the profitability of sheep breeding by using improved mutant genotypes in the breeding system. The results of studies of the main indicators of economic-useful traits are given, the dynamics of growth, level and quality of wool productivity of sheep of improved genotypes obtained on the basis of such breeds as Soviet merino and Stavropolskaya, as well as firstgeneration daughters cultivated in themselves are estimated. It was found that at birth, the live weight in the groups of the 3 group (the breeding of half-blooded hybrids "in oneself") was higher than that of the females from the 1 and 2 groups, respectively, by 0.50 kg, or 13.1%, and by 0.20 kg or 5.2% (P> 0.95). At a more senior age, the young, having a large live mass at birth, retained its rank position. The highest indicator of the cutting of physical wool was observed in animals of the 2 group, obtained as a result of the use of sheepproducers of Stavropolskaya breed on sheep of the Soviet merino. The parameters of the 1 and 3 group were lower by 0.6 kg - 12.3% and 0.17 kg - 3.5% (P> 0.95), respectively. The conclusion is made that the use of sheep-producers of the Stavropolskaya breed on the uterus of the Soviet merinos breed had a positive effect on the wool productivity and the live weight of the hybrid offspring. Further breeding of half-blooded hybrids “in oneself” showed the possibility of reproducing improved genotypes without losing the acquired qualities