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abstract 1301706071 issue 130 pp. 975 – 981 30.06.2017 ru 211
The inverse matrix for the square matrix A of order n with coefficients of some field exists, as it is known then and only then, when its determinant is not equal to zero. If the matrix A has a certain type (certain structure), then an inverse matrix A-1 should not have exactly the same structure. Therefore, it is interesting to describe such square matrices A, which have an inverse matrix A-1, having the same structure as the matrix A, under certain conditions. For example, a subdiagonal matrix with nonzero elements on the main diagonal has an inverse matrix over a field of characteristic zero, having also the form of subdiagonal matrix. Similarly, an inverse matrix towards symmetrical or skew-symmetric matrix is also symmetric or skew-symmetric accordingly. Also, the matrix inverse to non-degenerate (nonsingular) circulant will be a circulant itself, and finally, the matrix inverse to nonsingular quasdiagonal matrix D will be quasdiagonal itself, and will have the same partitioned structure as D. Thus, there is a problem of determining these types of nonsingular matrices that have an inverse matrix of the same type as a given matrix. In line with this problem in the present study it is determined such type of matrices for which an inverse matrix has the same type, at that the conditions are identified in explicit form, ensuring the nonsingularity of the matrix. The matrices of three orders are shown in detail. These results allow determining the characteristics of fields over which there are inverse matrices of the considered types