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Aseeva Anna Viktorovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1311707004 issue 131 pp. 29 – 44 29.09.2017 ru 172
The article presents the theoretical and experimental research of the guide wire, made of polytetrafluorethylene, for sieve system of air grain cleaning machines. We have calculated trajectory of movements of the components of piles of sunflower seeds in the vertical pneumatic channel when they are vanishing from the surface of the guide wire at its various parameters. Specifying the location of a guide wire polytetrafluorethylene in air-sieve grain cleaning machine was carried out in an experimental setup. The guide wire of polytetrafluorethylene was installed in three locations: 1) at a distance of 20 mm to the pneumatic channel; 2) on the levels with the pneumatic channel; 3) at a distance of 20 mm inside pneumatic channel. The approach of the guide wire into the inside of the pneumatic channel in the experimental setup the quality of sunflower seeds increased with 97.61 to of 99.08 %. The content of organic impurities, milled and broken seeds in the pile decreased respectively from 1.83 to 0.21 %, to 1.29 0.66 % 0.51% to 0.25% in the manufacture of wire made of polytetrafluorethylene. To increase the purity of the seeds of the main culture we use a photoelectron separator, and the received seeds for animal feed were in the form of sunflower cake produced on screw presses. As a result of carried out experimental and theoretical researches it is established, that the guide wire shall be made of polytetrafluorethylene and are placed inside the pneumatic channel at a distance of 20 mm and an angle of 40°, which allows to improve the quality of the seeds material and increase the speed of their input to pneumatic channel air-sieve grain cleaning machines type MVU-1500