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Kravchuk Pavel Vasilievich

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abstract 1311707080 issue 131 pp. 976 – 989 29.09.2017 ru 439
Mathematical modeling is one of the leading places among methods of research of economic systems and processes. The article considers the main management problem of the rocket-space complex in modern conditions and gives a brief description of this problem in conjunction with the tasks of innovative modernization and financial sustainability of enterprises of the complex. We have considered a common situation where the enterprises of the rocket-space complex in implementation of its development is carrying out an investment project, the financing of which is taken from a loan. It is proved that the implementation of this project can be appropriate, if as a result of the implementation the net present value of the enterprise increases. We have developed a model, which provides optimization of financial providing of high-tech enterprises of the rocket-space complex in the implementation of their modernization project taking into account the specifics of the use of own and borrowed funds