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abstract 1321708054 issue 132 pp. 655 – 665 31.10.2017 ru 253
In modern conditions managerial accounting through its functions acts as the main information base of the organization internal activity management, its strategy and tactics. In our opinion, its basic purpose is an information preparation for adoption of operational and expected administrative decisions. The facts of economic activity connected with the formation of expenses, income and the facts of management results through influence both on expenses and on income are the most important for managerial accounting. Achieving stable success in the modern economy is largely due to the efficiency of the organization management. One of the most important problems of formation of effective management in organizations is the current management of the expenses in order to achieve the planned economic benefits in ordinary activities. Defining this problem as the major, its decision causes the necessity of revision of a role of registration information in the direction of increase in level of analyticity and targeting for development and adoption of economically reasonable operational decisions at each separately taken level of management. The special significance in these conditions belongs to search of the measures directed to decrease in level of expenses as the major means on ensuring competitiveness of the organization. Now managerial accounting is a component of an enterprise management system. To the theory and practice of managerial accounting it is paid much attention. Among foreign scientists works of such authors as: R.L. Akoff, To Drury, Ch. Horngren, D. Midlton, B. Rein, R. Antony, D. Higgins, etc. are the most known. It is possible to distinguish from the Russian scientists whose works are devoted to the organization and methodology of account: M.A. Vakhrushina, V.B. Ivashkevich, V.E. Kerimov, G.M, Lisovich, S.A. Nikolaeva, V.D. Novodvorsky, V.F. Paly, L.I. Horuzhy, etc. In this article authors have defined the main objectives of managerial accounting