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Volchanskaya Anna Andreevna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1321708121 issue 132 pp. 1465 – 1477 31.10.2017 ru 277
The work was carried out in the scientific-research laboratory of the chair of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biophysics of Kuban SAU, the aim of which is the search of optimal conditions of obtaining the hydrolyzates of lactic acid bacteria by thermoacid and enzymatic ways. The pure cultures of microflora of gastrointestinal tract of quails − Lactobacillus agilis, Lactobacillus intermedius and Lactobacillus salivarius were the object of researches. Under conducting the thermal acid hydrolysis there were used the same correlations of bacterial mass and water as well as procedures of clearing of hydrolyzates. The variable conditions were рН, temperature and time of hydrolysis. When carrying out the enzymatic hydrolysis in this study there was used the enzyme from the group of muramidase lysozyme. The amount of enzymes and time of carried out hydrolysis were the variable conditions under obtaining the enzymatic hydrolyzates. In the process of researches there were studied: qualitative content of total protein, peptides with М.м. < 1500, protein and peptides with M.m. > 1500, aminoacids and as well as GMDP (glucosaminilmuramilpentapeptide). On the basis of carried out experiments there was stated that according to all components of biologically active substances the thermal acid way is more effective than enzymatic. The maximum accumulation of BAA in hydrolyzates by different ways was revealed at destruction of cells Lb. intermedius. Content of GMDP in thermal acid hydrolyzate was higher than in enzymatic on 0,028 g/100 ml (51,8 %)