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Radishauskas Tatiana Aleksandrovna

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Stavropol State Agrarian University

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abstract 1331709004 issue 133 pp. 30 – 39 30.11.2017 ru 173
This article proposes the creation of a cluster of breweries, which aims to unite the efforts of the brewing manufacturers that allow the participants to improve the effectiveness of the functioning of the common sharing of resources, to ensure the growth of competitive advantages, find sales channels not only at regional, but also on foreign markets. At the same time, they are able to provide a higher level of efficiency, balance and handling of the economy. Increased efficiency is achieved by increasing the productivity of labor, the creation of common infrastructure (information, supply and marketing, etc.). Access to foreign markets and empower consumers to search for products from waste breweries. A method of utilization of brewery waste in landfills is the simplest, but from the standpoint of environmental and material component is not effective, so the re-use, recycling of waste and byproducts can not only remove the threat of environmental pollution, but also to significant income processor of this waste. But for the purchase, installation of the necessary equipment, training a person, the necessary skills to work with non-waste production cash costs are required, which not every company can invest. Thus, the use of the cluster approach in a business combination for interest in the use of secondary (low-waste) production, the introduction of resource-saving, "green" technologies determined by the specifics of the cluster, namely, give the enterprises belonging to it, effect is expressed in the increasing environmental and economic sustainability and the competitiveness of the entire system as compared to the individual business entities