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abstract 1381804019 issue 138 pp. 91 – 105 30.04.2018 ru 20
Plants of winter wheat suppress weeds quite well, however, the use of herbicides is required, which prevents the new clogging up of soil. Under surface tillage it was observed a greater spread of weeds than under mold-board plowing. Introduction of the herbicide Lancelot regardless of ways of tillage has reduced this rate in 5.8 times. An important means of regulating of vital functions of soil microflora is tillage. 40% of all expenses ac-counted for the soil treatment required for cultivation of crops. Therefore it is important to study the effect of tillage on the course of microbiological processes in the upper 0-30 cm layer. The intensity of the decomposition of plant material by linen cloths method objectively reflects the status and activity of soil microflora. One of the signs of cultural soil condition is its ability of nitrification. Nitrification process is particularly slow in early spring, because this time the microbiological activity is weak because of low soil temperature. When the soil is progressing the number of nitrates increases and reaches its peak in summer, after that the process is fading. Studies have shown that under surface tillage, microbiological processes of decomposition of cellulose and the ability of soil nitrification compared with moldboard plowing are higher. The components of yield structure show features of yield formation. Tillage did not have an essential effect on crop structure elements. Application of herbicide Lancelot has significantly increased the number of productive stalks (7.3-10%) and mass of 1000 grains on 1.8 g or 4.5%. Grain yield of winter wheat did not depend on the primary tillage (57.5-56.5 kg/ha). Application of herbicide Lance-lot has allowed to receive allowance (on average for 2 years) 5.0 kg/ha. Grain quality indicators of winter wheat depend both on the hereditary traits and preferred growing conditions. The amount of gluten is not dependent on the main tillage, while the introduction of herbicide has increased gluten to 1.4%. Calculation of economic and bio-energy efficiency showed that the use of surface treatment in the cultivation of winter wheat on soil ordinarily is worthwhile