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Yadgarov Yakov Semenovich

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abstract 1341710053 issue 134 pp. 669 – 684 29.12.2017 ru 141
The article considers substantive, methodological and theoretical discourse of modern Russian researchers about the phenomenon of the market economy, the problems lying at its base in the context of the results of research conducted by participants of the V International scientific-practical conference «The Phenomenon of the market economy: from the origins to our days». The authors focus on four grounds the economic dynamics of the market mode of production: 1) the evolution of ideas regulated economy; 2) system as an objective reality of the market economy; 3) socio-institutional aspect of the phenomenon of the market economy; 4) the problems of the agrifood market development. Special attention is paid to understanding the discussion of the historical and economic, reproductive, socio-institutional, and transformative aspects of this phenomenon. The discussion component is manifested in the awareness of the role and place of socialization and humanization of the market at the present stage of development and a qualitative condition of public-private partnerships in the postsoviet world. It considers problems of evolution of the agricultural crises of overproduction and the mechanisms of crisis management identified vectors for the evolution of the agrifood sector of the market. Reasonably concluded that the outcome of the conference will contribute to the quality upgrading of the theoretical and methodological survey of modern economic science, will be the impetus for improving the practice of economic life, renewal and the full extension of the traditions of economic science in the South of Russia