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Polischuk Viktor Igorevich

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All-Russian Research Institute of Rice

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abstract 1341710058 issue 134 pp. 733 – 742 29.12.2017 ru 316
An analysis of the state of contamination of rice crops with red-grained forms was carried out, as well as impurity was found both in the seed material and in the soil. It was shown that there is a need to switch to non-weeding seed growing technology when conducting elite and reproductive seed production. Various variants of soil cultivation in combating the red rice forms are considered, both in the main and in the pre-sowing treatment. It has been found that after harvesting rice on heavily foul areas, it is better to burn straw, and not to carry out autumn tillage of the soil, the seeds of red-grained forms die mostly when wintering on the soil surface. The most effective method of soil cultivation for controlling of red rice forms in seed crops has been identified, in which the yield is increased, and the contamination of crops and the resulting rice grain is significantly reduced. The work carried out will allow reducing manual labor costs in the production of seeds, improving their quality and assortment, speed up variety changing and variety updating