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Lopin Sergey Alexandrovich

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North Caucasian federal scientific center of horticulture, viticulture, winemaking

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abstract 1351801004 issue 135 pp. 58 – 68 31.01.2018 ru 416
Currently, more and more popular in the world are indigenous grape varieties. Now in Russia and abroad there is a growing interest in Krasnostops - a high quality indigenous red grape varieties of technical direction. The object of research was the red technical grape variety called Krasnostop Anapa and Krasnostop AZOS, grown in Anapa ampelocalamus and wine from them. As a control, we used two classic grape varieties of varying degrees of saturation in color and extract content of the wines of Cabernet Sauvignon and Saperavi. The article presents the materials of years of research – agrobiological, technological and economic indicators of technical grades of grapes of selection of the Anapa station – Krasnostop Anapa and Krasnostop AZOS. The amount of anthocyanins in wine from Anapa Krasnostops has superior data for these components in the control options. The mass concentration of phenolic substances and their monomer forms in wine materials of grape varieties Krasnostop AZOS and Krasnostop Anapsky is higher than in the quality control of red wines-Cabernet Sauvignon, which indicates a high accumulation of phenolic substances in new grape varieties. In the years of the study of Krasnostop AZOS and Krasnostop Anapsky on organoleptic properties of wine has received good performance - and of 8.78 8.73 points. The brands of wines developed on their basis will fill up a number of high-quality table and liqueur red wines in the Russian market. These grapes have high potential and great prospects in the light of the global trend of their use in winemaking. All this allows to recommend these grades for wide introduction into production in the southern wine-growing regions of Russia