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Storozhuk Tatyana Alexandrovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1481904003 issue 148 pp. 0 – 0 30.04.2019 ru 22
Based on the analysis of the designs of feed mixers for farm animals, the option of using a two-stage mixer is being investigated. The proposed design of the mixer allows you to improve the quality of the feed mixture and reduce energy costs per process. To optimize the mixing workflow, the design parameters of the machine and their influence on the technological process under various working conditions are determined. It has been established that the design of the mixer and the initial physical and mechanical properties of the components of the feed mixture directly affect the most important technological characteristic of the installation, its performance. Therefore, the study aims to optimize the process of mixing feed
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abstract 1371803003 issue 137 pp. 13 – 24 30.03.2018 ru 78
Pressure mode compressed-air installation use that allows transfer of biological poultry wastes was based on the investigation of agricultural cargo hauling equipment. The installation includes a compressor with a receiver, a conduit, a cork forming section, a valve and a reservoir. As a result of using the installation the energy intensity and consumption of the process are reduced during the transportation of the material, labor costs are reduced and the issue of environmental protection is resolved. To optimize the working process of the compressed-air installation, the volume of the blow-off boiler, the length and diameter of the pipeline were determined. It was established that the most important technological parameter of the installation, which is productivity, depends on its design parameters and physical and mechanical properties of the initial material. The determining influence on the performance is the air pressure and the speed of product movement. The required air pressure is regulated by the compressor, and the speed of transportation is due to the design parameters of the installation and the physical and mechanical properties of the material. These aspects are taken into account in this project for process optimization of the poultry biological waste transportation