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Bachinina Ksenia Nikolaevna

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abstract 1381804034 issue 138 pp. 140 – 148 30.04.2018 ru 552
The article is devoted to the method of selecting quails. Intensive development of re-fishing requires the development of breeding methods for selecting birds and to carry out early predictions of egg production. Targeted breeding selection is able to influence the mechanisms of correlation dependencies between individual parts of the animal's organism, significantly change even firmly established interrelations, and create new interactions more satisfying the needs of the individual. The research task consisted of establishing links between the parameters of the skeleton and the productive qualities of the layers. The studies were conducted on Texas white quails. We took into account the live weight of the bird, the length of the metatarsal and the third finger, as well as the small and large diameters of the metatarsal. Correlations were established between the length of the pelvic limbs and the live weight of young quails during growth. It is established that the growth of the skeleton ends with the age of onset of puberty. This provides a basis for predicting the live weight, depending on the length of the pelvic extremities. It is established that the live mass is directly related to the egg productivity of quails. Thus, by selecting the birds with the longest plus, it makes it possible for 25 weeks of productivity to increase the egg laying on the initial layer by 5,7 eggs and 6,2 eggs per average laying hen, respectively