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abstract 1481904002 issue 148 pp. 16 – 30 30.04.2019 ru 60
The quality of feed is one of the main factors determining the development of industries necessary for the country. In this regard, extrusion technologies for processing raw materials of plant origin are of great interest. The prospect of processing plant raw materials using thermoplastic extrusion is due to two main reasons: first, the large volume and variety of products produced using this technology, and, secondly, the economic effect that gives the production of extrusion products by expanding the consumer properties of the feed produced. Extrusion equipment not only expands the range of feed, but also increases the employment of the rural population during the off-season. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to assess the prospects for the introduction of protein feed production by extruders from sunflower seeds in small agricultural enterprises. The study used an analytical review and analysis of published and patent information on technical means – extruders used for the production of protein feed from oilseeds, such as sunflower. The analysis of literature sources on the work of the existing forage preparation equipment showed that serial machines are metal-consuming, energy-consuming, used with low efficiency, due to technical and technological shortcomings. The analytical review of patent sources of extruders for preparation of compound feeds for the purpose of identification of the direction of their development and elimination of shortcomings of the existing is given. Modernization of extruders for the preparation of feed in the patent information goes in different ways, depending on the goal, which will improve their productivity and quality of protein feed. Serial production of technical equipment for the preparation of protein feed allows you to compete with foreign technology. Therefore, the development and improvement of serial domestic equipment for the preparation of protein feed from sunflower seeds for functional purposes are competitive and significantly cheaper and can reduce energy costs for their extrusion, which is an urgent task