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Volters Irina Alvianovna

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Stavropol State Agrarian University

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abstract 1491905011 issue 149 pp. 0 – 0 31.05.2019 ru 29
One of the most important state tasks in the world is the production of grain in the most profitable way. The use of biological products in the cultivation of grain is very important in our time. Identification of the effectiveness of the use of biological products will allow enterprises growing winter wheat to determine the need for their use. The study was conducted in 2015-2018 in the field areas of the peasant farm called "Yurchenko", located in the Alexanderovsky district of the Stavropol region, in the area of unstable moisture on dark chestnut soils. Winter wheat is cultivated using biological products on the farm, using biopreparation Vimpel with drugs of fungicidal action of Alirin B and Alirin C - 522 plants per 1m2. The use of biological products of fungicidal action allowed to reduce the activity of fungal diseases, and Vimpel biopreparation increased plant nutrition. After that, this processing scheme allowed to obtain a higher mass of grains in the ear -1.01 g, which contributed to a higher yield. The processing plan of Vimpel and biological product a biological product of fungicidal activity Gliocladium is slightly lower than Vimpel + Alirin B + Alirin With, the number of productive stems before harvesting – 518 plants per m2 and weight of grains - 1.0 g. The study used field and laboratory methods. Cultivation of winter wheat using biological products is unprofitable in comparison with the control. Despite the increase in the yield and quality of grain, the cost of production is much higher than in the control sowing, which is due to the high cost of drugs and additional costs for their use