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Zvonkov Nikolai Konstantinovich

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1501906013 issue 150 pp. 0 – 0 28.06.2019 ru 122
Due to the fact that in floodplain lands there is instability in the yield of agricultural crops because of flooding and waterlogging, protection of the territories is necessary. The area of the foothills of the Kuban River, where the reclaimed field is located, was chosen as the object of study. Since this territory is subjected to periodic flooding, and in order to preserve the fertility of this soil, a set of measures has been taken. Hydrometeorological and hydrogeological studies are used as the main method. The parameters of the dam and drainage system were determined, the locations of the regulatory structure and the location of the observation wells were substantiated. To assess the measures taken, soybean was grown on the field during the period of greatest rainfall. After sowing, soil samples were collected at three points and conducted research aimed at the influence of the drainage system. It has been established that the complex of measures influences the meliorative state of the field for the better. In the area near the main collector, the soil is most depressed after the processes of flooding and waterlogging, the seedlings of the soybean plants are sparse, and by the middle of the field the plants developed evenly and had almost identical morphometric indicators. Were obtained biometric indicators in different parts of the soil, which are confirmed by experiment