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Kudacheva Natalia Aleksandrovna

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Samara State Agricultural Academy

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abstract 1501906021 issue 150 pp. 0 – 0 28.06.2019 ru 127
The article deals with angiogenesis of squamous papillomas of dogs, which is a process of formation of blood vessels, providing neovascularization of tumors with their progression. The differentiation of papillomas depending on morphological and histological features was carried out, progressive and hyperkeratinized types were identified, which determine the stage of development and transition from one to another in the process of tumor growth. It is noted that with the progression of papillomas, the area of the constituent elements of the tumor increases, both due to the stroma and due to the parenchyma, but the stromal-parenchymal ratio changes in the direction of increasing the parenchymal component. Analysis of angiogenesis showed heterogeneity of the isolated vessels, both within the stromal component of papillomas, and depending on the type of tumors. There are three types of vessels – small, medium and large, there is a similar ratio of different types of vessels, regardless of the type of papillomas. Localization of vessels in the stroma depending on belonging to the selected species was studied. The total area of the section of blood vessels with cancer increases, and the ratio of the total area of the section of blood vessels to the area of the stroma is almost at the same level, which determines the dependence of the increase in the stromal component of papillomas from angiogenesis