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abstract 1541910033 issue 154 pp. 360 – 382 30.12.2019 ru 113
Improvement of domestic breeds of Merino sheep remains an important task. The reorientation of the industry to wool-meat and meat-wool direction of productivity can contribute to the restoration of domestic sheep breeding. An example of such conversion is a relatively young breed called Dzhalginsky Merino, created in the Stavropol region on the basis of the Stavropol breed with the involvement of resources of domestic and world breeding. In the current situation, it seems relevant to use Dzhalginsky Merino, in order to improve the meat and wool qualities of sheep of domestic fine-wool breeds. Obtaining a new genetic combination of animals, formed by combining the genotypes of breeds Salsky, Stavropol and Dzhalginsky Merino will increase the efficiency of the industry in a market economy and will provide a more complete use of the productive potential of the breed. The results of studies on obtaining and use of animals, new genetic combinations of a wool – meat direction of productivity, with high energy of growth, meat and wool productivity, improves the efficiency of Merino sheep are an important theoretical justification for making a contribution to zootechnical science, with the aim of improving fine-wool breeds of sheep and can be used in practical work in the production of high quality lamb