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abstract 1552001001 issue 155 pp. 1 – 12 31.01.2020 ru 214
The article presents the results of a study of the apple tree rosette disease found in a collection garden and having a viral nature. The rosetting has typical signs of manifestation. Sick plants develop narrow small chlorotic leaves. Rosettes of leaves on the upper cervical and lateral shoots are formed as a result of the convergence of internodes. The spread of the rosetting in the planting reaches 10-11 %. The prevalence of viral disease varies among the 44 varieties of apple trees of different ecological and geographical origin. So, the lesion of rosetting was noted on single trees in the varieties of Gala Redi Red, Fujiko, Red Free, etc., and it was a complete defeat in the variety of Piros. A different degree of the manifestation of the disease on the trees was established: from partial manifestation on individual shoots, to aggressive damage to the entire crown of the tree. On young trees bearing fruiting (3-4 years from planting), the rosetting reduces the yield of apple trees by 36 %, ¼ part of the fruits on the trees are small in size compared to the fruits of healthy trees. The infectious nature of the rosetting is confirmed by the transfer of the disease on the most affected Piros variety using summer budding