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Romanov Vladimir Vasilyevich

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abstract 1572003014 issue 157 pp. 182 – 206 31.03.2020 ru 241
Ensuring the food security of the country in the conditions of growing consumption of crop products and excluding dependence on foreign producers poses a serious question for science to increase the volume of production while maintaining soil fertility. One of the important tasks in solving this problem is to create a moisture-saving and moisture-accumulating soil layers. This article focuses on the cultivation of winter wheat. In addition to providing moisture in the cultivated layer, crop losses are observed as a result of the defeat of plants by Fusarium. Also, to ensure the co-storage of the fruit layer, it is necessary to reduce the use of chemical means of protection, less intensive impact on the treated surface by the running systems of power facilities and working bodies of machines, but with compliance with the primary requirements for the treated surface. To complete the tasks, we have developed a universal plow with a turning beam. Chisel working bodies are installed on the front of the beam. The formation turnover is performed by the disk working bodies installed further. The main element is a skating rink. The article presents the scheme of sets of plow on different types of work, as a universal combined machine and to perform individual types of work