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Hedayetullah Maihan

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abstract 1572003026 issue 157 pp. 346 – 367 31.03.2020 ru 341
The article reports in color on the characteristics of the three varieties and their clones that are common in Afghanistan. In the process of ampelographic screening of vineyards in Afghanistan, three varieties previously undescribed in Russian literature under the local names Aita, Gundyan and Shandyhani were discovered. Their identification by ampelographic and ampelometric characteristics made it possible to establish the original Aita variety, the Gundyan variety as a synonym for Guladan and Shandyhani as a synonym for the world famous Sultanin, or Kishmish. The described varieties are quite common in Afghanistan, reputable in economic returns and are still promising for cultivation in their country, where they are successfully used in the manufacture of dried products and high-quality diet juices. To identify the impact of various environmental conditions on the growth, development, quantity and quality of the crop, these varieties must be tested in all zones of different ecological and geographical areas of cultivation