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abstract 1311707008 issue 131 pp. 69 – 78 29.09.2017 ru 0
The article discusses the various methods of influence used in advertising. We have discussed in detail the mechanisms for the awakening of a desire for purchase. We have analyzed marketing techniques used in the design of supermarkets
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abstract 1311707009 issue 131 pp. 79 – 99 29.09.2017 ru 1
The article deals with the energy security of Russia in conditions of sanctions and the globalization of the modern economy in the world community. It is substantiated that energy security is the main factor of political and socio-economic stability of each state. Russia is not an exception. For many years it has been the world's largest net exporter of oil and gas, mainly due to the weakness of the economic system, the main problems of the oil refining industry are considered, given The definition of energy security, the energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis. An estimation of the export of domestic goods is given, the reserves of the regions are considered according to the level of extraction of oil resources, the rating of the largest oil companies is determined by the level of average daily oil production. It is concluded that for a successful export, the redistribution of significant oil reserves between regions within the country will require a relatively long period, not one or two years. It was revealed that the level of domestic production is not fully capable of providing consumers with the necessary products For which Russia implements the policy of modernization and reconstruction of the fuel and energy complex. Russia has been one of the leading oil exporters for many years, the main indicators of the oil sector have been examined, the definition of economic security and energy security has been defined. The energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis, as well as the globalization of the world economy. A brief description of the energy security policy of the Russian Federation is given. An assessment is given of both the world oil sector and the Russian oil sector, based on this assessment, a conclusion has been drawn about the deteriorating conjecture of the oil industry. A correlation-regression analysis of the effect of oil prices on the quotes of the Russian ruble was conducted, and on the basis of the findings it was concluded that the Russian economy is in a sufficiently strong dependence on oil prices. The possible variant of reducing such dependence through the increase in the role of SPIMEX in the international arena and the creation of an oil benchmark in the Russian Federation is considered and described
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abstract 1311707011 issue 131 pp. 114 – 128 29.09.2017 ru 2
The article examines the main trends and prospects of the Russian mortgage lending system development. It examines the current state of the mortgage market in the current socio-economic conditions in the Russian Federation. It presents an overview of the key market indicators of the past few years. At the moment, interest rates have decreased, compared to the previous year, therefore the banks’ lowest interest rates have been analysed. The article contains a review of the mortgage programs with the most favourable terms. The 2015 and 2016 results of the housing markets, housing construction and mortgage lending in the Russian Federation have been analysed. Having considered the dynamics of the debt on the mortgage loans that had been granted to resident individuals, it was brought out that the debt on mortgage loans in the period of the years 2013-2017 has been growing with each year. The article examines the conditions of getting a mortgage in 2017. Currently, the development of the mortgage loan system is constrained by several factors, in relation to which the article offers recommendations on the possible ways to improve it
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abstract 1311707013 issue 131 pp. 129 – 141 29.09.2017 ru 0
The current assets essence is determined in the article. The optional balance between current and non-current assets, financing resources is established. The factors of current assets management mechanism, improvement efficiency are revealed
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abstract 1311707017 issue 131 pp. 178 – 190 29.09.2017 ru 1
In this article, the issue of accounting for direct costs as part of the cost of construction works and services are considered, a characteristic is given to each of the methods presented in the work, and calculations are made on the basis of accounting data at LLC MontazhTechStroy. In the course of the analysis, positive and negative features of methods for writing off materially production costs within the research organization were revealed, conclusions were drawn in accordance with which proposals were made to rationalize the management accounting of the economic entity with respect to methods for writing off direct costs for the cost of finished goods (works, services)
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abstract 1311707024 issue 131 pp. 233 – 247 29.09.2017 ru 0
The problems of import substitution, resource features of the agrarian economy, through which you can generate significant competitive advantage, are discussed. It is noted that low abroad interest rates on loans create obvious unequal starting opportunities throughout the domestic business. As a result the cost of imported food in value chain terms reached in our country an enormous rate of $45 billion and that government realized the need of strengthening of food security, transferring of production of traditional kinds of products which form the basis of consumption of the population in our country, to the domestic market. It is noted that we need temporary moderate state protectionism and protection of the domestic market with the aim of modernizing the economy, attracting investors in the important field of production with high risks. The main problems and solutions that will help to further successful implementation of this strategy in the sectors of our economy are highlighted. It is noted that our region has the most effecting rural industrial structure, the best country’s climate, enlarged crop rotation, cheap labor resources, extensive experience in agribusiness. It is proposed to perform a set of measures to reduce systemic risks in agribusiness
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abstract 1311707035 issue 131 pp. 422 – 443 29.09.2017 ru 0
This article discusses the activities of LLC «Electrosvyazstroy». The authors reviewed brief economic characteristics, the analysis of the motion and structure of working capital, the proposals for improving the efficiency of working capital LLC «Electrosvyazstroy». Not only the main funds, labor and financial resources, but also using inventories ensure production and economic activity of the enterprise. Materials are one of the most important elements of the production cycle of any organization. Currently in a market economy identifies the importance of quality-indicators, among them are such as reducing the unit cost of raw materials and fuel. This requires the integrated use of natural and material resources as much as possible to eliminate losses and irrational costs, is widely involved in the turnover of the secondary resources, as well as other products. The main purpose of working capital – ensuring continuity of the production process. Working capital has a special place in the structure of the enterprise, as they provide strong financial position, creditworthiness, and investment opportunities of a business entity. The policy of working capital management involves two basic questions: what level of working capital is most suitable, and for what account of sources it is possible to finance it
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abstract 1311707048 issue 131 pp. 547 – 558 29.09.2017 ru 0
The article discusses the impact of the Olympic games in Sochi on the development of the information technology and innovation in the Krasnodar region. The authorities understand that the mere use of the Olympic legacy will not allow the region to hold the highest position in innovation activity, so in the field of the investment climate in the region there is a systematical work. However, in the innovation activities, their actions are fragmented. The article also notes that there is a tendency for the results of scientific research, which does not always meet the needs of the real sector of the economy. There might help the launch of the Western model of "science — business" in Russia, where business comes to the universities and raises scientific and technical problems. Therefore, the author proposes a solution to this problem by creating a triple helix "governmentbusiness-science". The meaning of which lies in the interaction of science, business and government, the latter would function as an information catalyst. The article provides an analysis of the basic indicators that characterize the state and level of development of scientific and innovation potential of the Krasnodar region. The article also discusses some reasons why the triple helix model is still not functioning
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abstract 1311707058 issue 131 pp. 684 – 699 29.09.2017 ru 1
The factors influencing the sources and the methods of financing investment projects are described: goals, technological features of business, cycles of internal and external financial flows, the general situation on the market, types of risks and methods of managing them, the level of an investor's competence. The classification of sources of financing of investment projects is indicated according to own and attracted, internal and external characteristics. We have reflected the composition of: – own sources of financing: net profit of an economic entity; depreciation deductions; charity donations and other contributions; funds received from insurance companies; other savings – attracted funds: state, budget, debt, bank, venture financing of investment projects. The list of sources of financing on internal and external sources of financing of investment projects is given: 1. Internal own resources: financial and material reserves of the company in the form of special funds, accounts or assets under special management status; Financial assets that make up the depreciation fund of deductions for the reproduction of the capital base. 2. External investment resources: credit resources; issuing assets; cession of a part or share of ownership, decision–making, control over certain business processes; intellectual resources; tax preferences (vacations); public fund–raising (such as projects based on the use of the «crowd funding» system). The volume of direct foreign investments in the Russian Federation from 2006 to 2016 has been analyzed. The modern factors and the reasons influencing investment activity in the Russian economy are noted. Prospects for the development of the Russian economy until 2030 are considered
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abstract 1311707064 issue 131 pp. 762 – 771 29.09.2017 ru 2
Methodical approaches to assessment of stability of reproduction processes which cornerstone formation of system of the balanced indicators which is based on coordination of functional and system-wide stability is are developed. The system of estimated indicators of stability is offered. The analytical model of assessment of stability providing the choice of criteria of efficiency and formation of system of estimated indicators is developed, as well as the analysis of dynamics of the external influencing factors, productive and economic indicators, financial and economic indicators; identification of the most characteristic and significant functional interrelations and dimension of interference of factors; assessment of reproduction opportunities of subjects of branch business. Calculation of an integrated indicator of financial and economic stability is performed. The complex assessment of stability providing combination of private indicators of eco-economic, technological and economic, financial and economic stability in an integrated indicator by means of methods of multidimensional correlation is given. The analysis of the factors influencing the level of stability and efficiency allowing estimating reproduction opportunities of the economic entities making grapes and wine-making production to define interrelations and interferences between resultant indicators and factorial signs and also to designate the arising disproportions is carried out. The generalizing characteristic of the macroeconomic, market and production factors influencing stability of reproduction processes in industrial wine growing is given. Based on the carried-out analysis of the factors causing stability and efficiency of reproduction processes in industrial production of grapes, the main reasons reducing stability of branch production are established