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abstract 1141510106 issue 114 pp. 1476 – 1491 30.12.2015 ru 1020
The main statements of the methodology of forecasting of social-economic phenomena and processes in agriculture and the basic requirements to ensure realistic results of forecasting the development of the agrarian economy are considered in this work. The relevance of this topic conditioned on the need of developing a systematic and evidence-based development strategy for the agricultural sector of the country as a whole and on the regional level. In this regard, the study presents an analysis of the main indicators of the Program of development of agriculture of Russia and the Stavropol region, as well as their comparative characteristics, which allowed us to make conclusions about the region's share in the national indicators of agricultural development. The authors have conducted forecasting of the major indicators of Agriculture of Russia and the Stavropol region. The forecast covers such characteristics of agriculture, as the amount of output (production component), investments in fixed capital of agro industrial complex (investment component) and balanced financial result (resultant component). The composed scenarios of development of agricultural production in Russia and the Stavropol region reflect possible trends: inertial development of the industry, based on maintaining the current dynamics of development; pessimistic scenario anticipating slow pace of development of investment activity in the agricultural sector; optimistic scenario, based on the assumption that the creation of fundamental conditions for public and private investment in agro industrial complex. The results are of interest to scientists studying the processes of development of agriculture, and for representatives of the agricultural business and government
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abstract 1231609072 issue 123 pp. 1038 – 1048 30.11.2016 ru 477
The article deals with the problem of increasing the efficiency of managing agricultural business in modern conditions of implementation of the federal target program for the conservation and restoration of soil. The article presents an analysis of trends in the growth rates of the main indicators of agribusiness management and evaluation of land use ecologization. Assessment of the dynamics of production and economic performance of agribusiness management and ecologization and their relationships
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abstract 1311707081 issue 131 pp. 990 – 1002 29.09.2017 ru 356
The article discusses the role and importance of the process of staff rotation in organizations. Not to mention the important role of this process in constructing the system of personnel management. The proposed system of rotation of personnel in the organization, which consists of several stages, including some incoming information and the necessary procedures. A schematic representation of the process of rotation of personnel in the organization will allow management to clearly understand the objectives and actions at each stage of rotation and to systematize the results. Systematization of the process of rotation will increase staff motivation and productivity, reduce employee turnover and organizational costs. An important component of the rotation is planning of internal staff movements. The article presents an example of a table plan staff movements taking into account the types of movement, divisions and posts. This takes into account the sequence of individual movements and training of candidates. Planning internal labor movements will improve the moralpsychological climate in the team, reduce staff turnover and thus improve socio-economic performance of the organization as a whole. As a result of implementation of the above activities, the organization will receive not only economic but also social effect
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abstract 1141510016 issue 114 pp. 223 – 236 30.12.2015 ru 908
In modern conditions, an important task is to ensure food independence of Russia. This is due to the need of acceleration the import substitution in terms of the current foreign trade policy of the country. In this context, a priority task for managers of the agricultural sector is to increase profitability of agricultural production, taking into account compliance with its greening. The questions of improving the management of agricultural business through its transition to an innovative path of development, including the greening of nature are investigated in this article. We have investigated the concept of "agribusiness" in terms of its economic content. In addition, the main components of this category considered and described in the article. The article presents an analysis of the main results of environmental protection and the most important indicators of environmental management. We have shown the assessment of the dynamics of production and economic indicators of agribusiness management and ecologization and their relationship. On the basis of this study, we have made the conclusions about the need to reform the control system of agricultural production by using innovative mechanisms. Which, in turn, is possible using the four main directions of scientific and technical progress, including biological innovations, tools of technical progress, innovative approaches to the development of energy resources and the organizational and economic innovation
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abstract 0841210058 issue 84 pp. 757 – 769 28.12.2012 ru 2368
The article describes the methodological approaches to screenwriting predicting complex economic processes based on the systemic nature of the study. This article presents some of the approaches to the construction of scenarios, such as the imitation modeling of economic processes and expert approach allowing obtaining long term scenarios based on global patterns of development