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abstract 1311707110 issue 131 pp. 1339 – 1351 29.09.2017 ru 679
In the article the analysis of an entity of consumer value is provided, approaches to the description of a concept of value are discussed; problems of a research and measurement of consumer value are updated. The consumer value of goods expresses in a choice from a large number of similar goods, conditions for which can be its cost, qualitative characteristics, gradations, the sizes. It is set that in case of determination of consumer value it is impossible to be guided only by its cost, here its qualitative characteristics, conditions of the supplier and the level of service will be an important index for acquisition by wholesalers. The consumer value of production proceeds from the advantages got by the buyer from his acquisition and costs of its purchase made by it. In addition, to understand priorities of the buyer, it is necessary to select analysis stages of consumer value, which are divided into several processes; they include production, a market research, and questions of sale and support of production. Authors consider the value as one-dimensional and multivariate construction, select three basic approaches to value assessment. It is set that pricing based on prime cost is made from analytics of need of the buyer, with establishment of necessity of goods for it, and its cost should characterize its advantages
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abstract 1341710039 issue 134 pp. 478 – 490 29.12.2017 ru 566
Ensuring food safety for a long time has a global character. The results of world scientific studies confirm the negative effect of trans-isomers of unsaturated fatty acids on the human body, convincingly proving that their consumption increases the risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. Taking care of public health, many European countries at the legislative level strictly regulate the content of trans-isomers of unsaturated fatty acids, obliging manufacturers to also issue information on the quantitative content of TIUFA on packaging. Such measures can reduce morbidity and mortality, but require the introduction of progressive technological processes. The work analyzes numerous literature sources and generalizes the material on existing types of technological modifications of fats - transesterification and fractionation, which allow obtaining specialized fats without trans-isomers or with a low content of trans-isomers of fatty acids
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abstract 1301706073 issue 130 pp. 993 – 1004 30.06.2017 ru 649
In this work, we have analyzed the multiple literary sources and summarized the material regarding beet dietary fibers. Their composition, physicochemical, physicomechanical and hygrothermal properties were studied. The study of the particle-size distribution showed that the content of the insoluble fraction exceeded the content of the soluble fractions in all the samples. The use of the secondary products of processing of the plant raw material is also critical; they allow improving the preventive properties of products and enriching them with dietary fibers, protein, and mineral elements. The properties and quality of the raw material are, to the large extent, determined by and depend upon its granulometric composition, that is, upon the size of particles that compose this object. The authors determined the granulometric composition of the studied nutritional supplements. It was found out that the use of the combination of the impacts together with the abrading impact led to the intensification of the process, a decrease in the milling time and the uniformity of the obtained granulometric composition. The choice of the vertical mill as milling equipment in combination with the metal balls added to it to increase the efficiency of milling and uniformity of the granulometric composition of beetroot fibers was proved experimentally
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abstract 1331709040 issue 133 pp. 505 – 516 30.11.2017 ru 1299
Modern representations of threpsology demonstrate importance of harmonization of eating which consists in providing an organism with all necessary feed elements in full and energy in the corresponding quantities and ratios. The causes of obesity and measures against it, sedentary lifestyle and diseases associated with these factors. Social significance of the problem evidence of the need to combat the spread of obesity. It is established that since 1975 the number of people suffering from obesity worldwide has increased more than three times; more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older were overweight, of which over 650 million people were obese; 39 % of adults 18 years and older, were overweight, and 13% were obese. The situation with obesity in the CIS countries is ambiguous. In the post-Soviet space, the situation with obesity in adults and children gradually becomes threatening. Domestic and foreign experience indicate that the most accessible and economically feasible method of correcting the nutrition and health of the population is the inclusion in the diet of modern man healthy food, having direct functional properties
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abstract 1001406047 issue 100 pp. 747 – 757 30.06.2014 ru 1668
The article gives a detailed survey of the history of the industrious output and describes the prebiotic properties of palatinose. It puts under the discussion the most important technological properties of sweetener, which application might turn confectionery products to the items of functional diet
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abstract 1291705020 issue 129 pp. 225 – 236 31.05.2017 ru 519
The presented research is devoted to the development of the import-substituting production technology of the proteins dresser for food from local vegetable resources, in particular, of lupine. Lupine seeds contain about 40% of protein rich in all irreplaceable amino acids. Protein of lupine noticeably differs from protein of soy in inhibitors content, and namely, proteases, that does not cause allergic reactions. The main part of oil composition of oil of lupine is maid up of linolenic, linoleic and olein acids. Use of lupine seeds in production of complex raw structure products will allow to increase the biological value of a proteins component of a traditional type of raw materials of phytogenesis and to reduce the available deficit of protein. It is a will-know fact, that lupine is added to the recipes of buns, fermented milk and cottage cheese products, rich crackers and long cookies. Technologists have recently received a certain concentrate from lupine seeds of high biological value, and a pastelike concentrate of lupine which can be used as a filler in milk, meat, baking and confectionery industries is being under development. The results of the research show that seeds of lupine can be considered as one of the perspective sources of white and competitive ingredient for developing new recipes and technologies of different types of multicomponent food. It is necessary to continue the research on creation of different types of food with use of lupine seeds. Thus, the products received from lupine seeds can be used as raw materials for improvement of quality of food and as additives for creation of compoundings of new types of foodstuff
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abstract 1311707025 issue 131 pp. 248 – 259 29.09.2017 ru 675
Excess body weight is a serious problem, involving a set of diseases presently. For this reason, taking into account demands of science there was a development of production of food with the lowered energy value for the people having first of all obesity that led to production of substitutes. Even more often producers resort to use of nutritional supplements, which generally receive in synthetic way. In this article, we analyzed multiple references and summarized the material regarding beet fibers. As a result of numerous researches it has been proved that food fibers make favorable impact both on the separate systems of a human body, and on all organism. The use of the minor products of processing of the plant raw material is also critical; they allow improving the preventive properties of products and enriching them with dietary fibers, protein, and mineral elements and also development of food development of curative and preventive action. Citri-Fi food fibers which are received from dried-up orange pulp are well-known, they can keep a large amount of water throughout technological process. They exert positive impact on structure of fat that gives the chance to create a product with the lowered content of fat
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abstract 1211607038 issue 121 pp. 708 – 718 30.09.2016 ru 802
To study the effect of pumpkin flour on the physical and chemical parameters of semi-finished and finished products, 10, 15, 20 % of the weight of wheat flour in the dough was incorporated to the dough mass. As a result of the research and the analysis of wafers with different PF dosages, the dosage of 15 % pumpkin seed flour from the wheat flour mass in the dough was accepted as the optimum one. After selecting the optimum dosage, the experiment on identifying the dependence of dough viscosity on the shear rate was carried out. The samples were taken without adding PF into dough and with adding PF for 15% from the weight of the flour in the dough. The results showed that the viscosity of the control dough sample was higher than that with 15% of flour from pumpkin seeds. This is due to the general decrease of the amount of swellable proteins in the dough due to the incorporation of PF. Thus, we can conclude that the introduction of the investigated additive into the wafer dough does not obstruct dosing the semifinished product into the wafer moulds. The analysis of the obtained data as a result of the research work has shown that incorporating pumpkin seeds flour into the recipe of wafers is expedient both in terms of enriching the product with proteins, fats and biologically active substances and in terms of improving the process in the production