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abstract 1071503028 issue 107 pp. 400 – 418 31.03.2015 ru 1248
The article considers the issues of actualization of the problems of formation of professional competence in the process of studying the course of "Mat-mathematics" on the example of economic specialties. Noting the fact that economic specialty is the specialty that integrates information from the mathematical, natural, gum humanitarian and socio-economic subjects, and the approach to the selection of the content of the mathematics course must be focused on the mate-automatic machine for all cycles, forms of relevant abilities and skills. Therefore, the importance of the problem of developing these tasks and exercises that would help to create such skills for effective application of the theoretical material and the development of research skills. In this article we have discussed some of the design techniques and examples of using the so-called mo-practical problems. The efficiency of the use of model problems in the study of mathematics teaching clarifies the fact that most knowledge activity of students achieved in the research of the issues directly related to their willing profession. They are developed in accordance with the program of the mathematics course and cover all of its major sections. Model-specific tasks may be offered to students in the form of the model calculations, the execution of which should last for a long time, in the form of records insistent or control work directly in the classroom, in the form of term papers, etc. This article also contains the justification of the need of development of didactic materials, designed to optimize student learning professional mathematical competencies
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abstract 1191605024 issue 119 pp. 349 – 359 31.05.2016 ru 452
In this article, we examine questions about realization of interdisciplinary connections in the process of teaching of mathematics the students of economic specialties. Taking into account the circumstance that economic specialties are integrating information from mathematical, natural, humanitarian and socioeconomic disciplines, going near the selection of maintenance of course of mathematics must be oriented to the mathematical apparatus for all cycles forming certain abilities and skills. Thus, in the process of teaching mathematics we have to emphasize the necessity of maintenance of "vertical" connections in a course mathematics, marking that maintenance of flat rate of mathematics can not be certain from the cleanly pragmatic point of view, based only on the specific of future specialty of studying, without the account of internal logic of mathematics, id est., from a course mathematicians we must not eliminate questions and divisions, not having a direct professional orientation, but providing internal subject connections or the logic of the discipline. Accordance to the criterion of internal subject integrity means, that maintenance of the course of mathematics will not grow into totality of fragmentary information necessary for the special preparation, and will possess necessary plenitude, logical uncontradiction and sequence. On the other hand, it is necessary to accent attention on the study of the different processes and phenomena, lighted up in general professional disciplines, as studying of all these questions must be of the ponderable use in the professional becoming of future specialist, i.e. the special importance is acquired by interdisciplinary integration connections at the level of which the applied professional orientation of the studied material comes true